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ADP Paper Invoice scanning with Kofax Capture (Image Post) – new support for Priority/Quick Pay Invoices

For some time now, Concerta has supplied and supports a Kofax batch class and export for sending paper invoices into ADP’s Open Invoice workflow.

The process, in a nutshell is like this:
- scan paper invoices (or import invoice from PDF file if the invoice has arrived by email)
- add meta-data to the invoice. This is done through the validation step in Kofax whereby entered data is validated (against an accounting database where possible).
- the scanned images are converted to PDF
- the invoice is exported to ADP Open Invoice with the related meta-data

Recently ADP published a change to the Image Post functionality. Image Post now lets you modify the supplier’s priority pay flag as part of the import into ADP Open Invoice.
Once the flag is turned on or off, it will apply to all existing invoices in workflow for that supplier.

The setting for the Priority Pay flag can be determined in the Validation step in Kofax using settings for that supplier obtained from your accounting system. For example, if your payment terms are set up in the accounting system for a vendor, this can be leveraged to set the appropriate Priority Pay value.

If you’re interested to adding this functionality to your current ADP batch class in Kofax Capture, or are interested in implementing a process for scanning paper invoices in to ADP/Open Invoice, please contact us.

About Bruce Kernohan
Bruce is a principal consultant at Concerta Consulting. Bruce focuses his time on helping companies streamline their processes. He specializes in software design and development, specifically workflow related projects such as Ultimus based projects and Invoice Connect.

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