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Invoice Connect – New Reporting Capabilities

The Invoice Connect suite has recently been extended with the addition of support for Open Invoice’s Unapproved Transactions interface (UAP). UAP is a data feed that Open Invoice provides data from within Open Invoice about invoices that haven’t been approved yet. This data is updated for a given invoice based on a number of actions that a user can take within the workflow process. Each time an action is performed, the UAP data is updated.

Via UAP, data pertaining to unapproved invoices is made available via an XML data file (usually on a scheduled basis). Invoice Connect takes this data and loads it in to a set of Oracle tables within the customer’s in-house IT environment, thereby making it available for all manner of internal reporting and querying requirements. Examples include accruals reporting, cash flow management, and also just general vendor queries.

Web Based Reporting


We’ve also created a web based report so users can track the status of an invoice. Users can search based on vendor, invoice number, invoice date or date range and payment status. A complete history for that invoice can be viewed. The coding for the invoice can also be displayed (showing how the various items on the invoice have been categorized).

Audit Reports

The data provided by the UAP data process can be used for various auditing reports. Since the whole history of invoices is present, things like total transit time of an invoice can be determined to show key performance indicators showing how well invoices are being processed. A list of disputed or deleted invoices can also be provided. We also have a number of pre-made reports that can be leveraged.

With the UAP data being available and stored within your company’s database, you can get the answers you need.

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Bruce is a principal consultant at Concerta Consulting. Bruce focuses his time on helping companies streamline their processes. He specializes in software design and development, specifically workflow related projects such as Ultimus based projects and Invoice Connect.

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