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For some time now, Concerta has supplied and supports a Kofax batch class and export for sending paper invoices into ADP’s Open Invoice workflow. The process, in a nutshell is like this: - scan paper invoices (or import invoice from PDF file if the invoice has arrived by email) - add meta-data to the invoice. This is done through the validation step in Kofax whereby entered data is validated (against an accounting database where possible). - the scanned images are


Invoice Connect – New Reporting Capabilities

The Invoice Connect suite has recently been extended with the addition of support for Open Invoice's Unapproved Transactions interface (UAP). UAP is a data feed that Open Invoice provides data from within Open Invoice about invoices that haven't been approved yet. This data is updated for a given invoice based on a number of actions that a user can take within the workflow process. Each


What’s new in Invoice Connect: Invoice Scanning

If your company is using ADP's Open Invoice procure to pay solution for processing invoices, you're familiar with the convenience of electronically submitted invoices. This greatly reduces the amount of paper invoices that needs to be processed. However, frequently there are still paper invoices received that require processing. When this is in large volume it can be difficult to manage. Our Invoice Connect integration framework for Open Invoice handles this using Kofax Capture. Invoices


Evolving SharePoint: Taking It To the Next Level

SEMINAR: Evolving SharePoint: Taking It To the Next Level Thank you to everyone that attended our afternoon of White Paper discussions. Below are the slides for each session. SESSION 1: SharePoint : A Platform for Business-Centric Solutions - Integration with CS Explorer and Kofax Capture Presentation: Integration with CS Explorer and Kofax Capture SESSION 2: Collabware CLM for SharePoint : A complete content lifecycle records management solution. Find out how to reduce storage and eDiscovery costs, adhere to legislative and