Concerta was started as a company in 1997. Our exclusive focus remains document and records management, and business process renewal.

Why Concerta?

It seems like it was yesterday, but in 1997 electronic document capture was still in its relative infancy and the ECM acronym had yet to be invented. From those early days of still rudimentary scanners and OCR search, to SharePoint and ERP integration and web based content retrieval and beyond, Concerta is continuing to pioneer the application of ECM technology in Western Canada.

Our knowledge of business process innovation and ECM technology options means your project will progress faster, achieve better ROI results, and do so at a lower cost. Concerta is your assurance of quality projects and higher rates of return.


We have been doing ECM projects longer and more successfully than any competitor We bring insights and best practices gained from many successful projects
We have a proven methodology to ensure projects are delivered on time and budget We are BPM and workflow experts
We have unrivalled expertise in ECM technology options We don’t learn on the job


Concerta consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you:

Wherever you are in your ECM project life cycle, from project charter to off-the-rails, please consider Concerta. We have the human capital, business process management, technical knowledge, and project execution skills to guarantee you a successful outcome.

Decide whether you should invest in ECM technology Determine if it’s time to update existing content and process management technologies
Deal with the organizational impact of ECM on your business processes Design, manage and implement your solution